Monday 14 April 2014

Sweet Discontent by Tuff Love

Tuff Love is a name that caught my eye in a few places recently. Signed to Lost Map Records, they will be releasing the Junk EP on 5th May. Sweet Discontent is the single from the EP and it is an excellent introduction to the trio.

Pure and raw, Sweet Discontent reminds me of a lot of lo-fi indie guitar records from my youth, as does the video. I find this very refreshing in an age where songs can be deconstructed, over produced and polished to within an inch of their lives.

Sweet Discontent is the glorious sound of a band enjoying themselves; from the sound of the band finding riffs and chords and giggling over the start, to the infectious guitar riff that is played over furious bass and drums that begins when the song kicks in.

The vocals are slightly detached and dreamy, the lyrics tell it all.

When we first met you offered up your soul
And you saw depth where there was a black hole
And what you saw
Was more than I had ever dared to hope for

Tuff Love play the Old Hairdressers on Friday 2nd May.

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