Friday 18 January 2013

Paws ft. Alice Costelloe - Sore Tummy

The fact that this blog is named after 'Everything Flows' by Teenage Fanclub probably lets it slip that I like some nice fuzzy guitars at times. I do, so there you go.

Paws are a band that have been floating around for a while, releasing some very DIY tapes, a split single on the excellent Gerry Loves Records (another Fanclub reference) and then signing to Fat Cat Records who have a pretty strong track record for taking Scottish bands, working them hard and building them up (Frightened Rabbit, Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks).

I was actually in the audience at a Born To Be Wide/Wide Days gig (following a seminar) on the night that Paws were signed to Fat Cat. I was rather drunk and enjoyed their fuzzy guitar indie pop, but then I never really followed them afterwards for whatever reason.

So I haven't bought their album 'Cokefloat!' yet, despite loads of good reviews. On the evidence of this incredible single I have clearly missed out.

Browing Facebook and Twitter on a quiet and cold January night I came across a warm slice of indie guitar pop heaven. This.....

The guitars sound like they could have been half-inched from a number of old 7-inches collecting dust in my back room. The dual vocals (with guest Alice Costelloe from Big Deal) are immediate and infectious, the melody flows with ease.

'Sore Tummy' is a phrase used quite commonly in Scotland - it is a great title, the song is full of humour and some brilliant lines;

He looks like a junky sometimes, but junkies have beautiful eyes
The doctors dont' know anything, it's not right, not right

You're so tired of hearing me, talk about my sore tummy
The doctors don't know anything, it's not right, not right
Well my belly sure does hurt me, but it's OK cause I feel down a lot
The contractions come and go like a birth, but if a babys on the way I'd be surprised

This is just indie guitar pop perfection, echoes of Dinosaur Jr and The Breeders shine through. I'll be buying the album and no doubt kicking myself for not buying it on release.

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