Sunday 29 April 2012

Ryan Adams @ Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 26th April 2012

It isn't often you get to witness a genius at work. On Thursday night I got to do just that when I caught Ryan Adams performing at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Armed with two acoustic guitars and a piano, Adams took us on a 2-hour journey through his entire career. It was spell-binding. The audience lapped it up, sitting in awed silence before responding in rapturous fashion, with several songs receiving standing ovations.

The whole set was one long extended highlight. Adams moved from sitting centre stage playing one of his guitars, to stage right to stand and play his other, moving to piano for some stunning songs including 'New York, New York.' His between song humour ranged from the mickey taking 'here's another miserable song' to complete off-the-wall banter. There was also an 'Ode To A Cat' song sung at the piano that was hilarious.

Starting with 'Oh My Sweet Carolina' from his 'Heartbreaker' album just set the tone as he jumped about his albums, moving swiftly on to 'Ashes and Fire', the title track from his latest album. The range in Adams voice is evident on record, in a live setting it becomes even more apparent how talented he is. It seemed so easy and effortless.

'Winding Wheel' is one of my favourite Adams songs and tonight my love for it seemed to grow stronger with every second. 'Firecracker' was a dream, 'New York, New York' was turned into a piano heartbreaker.

There were some Adams nuts in the audience who applauded his every move, something that Adams took the piss out of at times after some guys applauded him for walking across the stage.

 The swift double hit of 'Lucky Now' and the gorgeous 'Come Pick Me Up' prompted huge applause as Adams left the stage to a standing ovation.

The crowd wouldn't let him go and he sauntered back on to leaf through a huge black folder contaning who-knows-what. I imagine there are some works-in-progress and some long lost gems.

Getting annoyed that he couldn't find what he was looking for he played a song called 'Round and Round', a cover by a band called RATT.

Oh My Sweet Carolina
Ashes and Fire
If I am a Stranger
Dirty Rain
Winding Wheel
The Rescue Blues
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Do I Wait?
Everybody Knows
Sweet Lil' Gal (23rd/1st)
Why Do They Leave?
English Girls Approximately
Chains of Love
16 Days
Mr.Cat >
The End
Lucky Now
Come Pick Me Up
Round & Round

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