Tuesday 13 December 2011

Nevada Base at the Captain's Rest, Glasgow, 10/12/11

Nevada Base surfaced from months of studio time at the weekend with a Christmas show at Captain’s Rest. The band who released their debut single ‘Love In My Mind’ earlier in the year now have over and albums worth of material recorded and intend to release their music in various forms over the next year leading up to an album.

You can get new song ‘An Avenue’ as a free download by signing up to the Nevada Base mailing list at http://www.nevadabase.co.uk/

But back to Saturday night. Support came from DJ Gerry Blythe (New Life) who played at the start, between bands and afterwards. I hadn’t met Gerry before but he came across as a lovely guy with a fantastic taste in music and I asked him about a few of the tracks he played. I will DEFINITELY be buying the soundtrack to Drive very soon.

The fist band were Machines In Heaven and they played a sublime set with singer and guitarist Graham Crossan conjuring up some sweet melodies, vocally and via his guitar. Check out their track Sub-E, dedicated to the bass speakers in the Sub Club HERE.

Next up were Crash Club from Kilwinning whom Nevada Base pinched their young drummer from, so it was only right that they should offer them a support slot in return! Crash Club picked up the pace from Machines In Heaven and went at it full pelt for 25-minutes. The front man had a swagger and a sneer that captivated many, whilst the bass player kept the groove that allowed guitars, synths and effects to go mental. The crowd loved it.

Nevada Base strode confidently on to the stage and went straight into old favourite ‘Electric Touch’. There were smiles all round as the crowd danced and sang along. Old songs mixed easily with new; ‘Crisis’ was a highlight, as was the sublime ‘Kisses Her Bullets’ with an extended instrumental intro and the hook ‘the stars, the stars, she shoots at the stars.’

The addition of Calum Muir (below) on drums has really beefed up the live sound, the fact he is a handsome and cheeky young blonde 21-year old won’t escape many females attention.

One new song had a reggae/dub feel at the start before morphing off into synth led euphoria and ‘Love In My Mind’ and ‘If I’m Late’ went down well as always. There was no encore, the band eager to look ahead to 2012 and leaving their fans eager for the next gig.

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