Wednesday 30 September 2009

Sonny Marvello @ Pinup Nights Circus Night

Sometimes the cloud breaks and the sun shines through, sometimes a band comes along with songs about love and hope, sometimes a song can make your day, sometimes everything feels right.

A band currently providing sunshine rays in the Glasgow music scene is Sonny Marvello

Glasgow has many 'too cool for school' bands. Many that try, some that have fun, many that fail. Sonny Marvello rise above pretty much every band in Glasgow right now.

They are stylish, funny and they have the talent and songs to take them some place.

The excellent Pinup Nights club at the Flying Duck was packed by the time that Sonny Marvello took to the stage some time after 11pm.

They opened with the Blur-esque disco pop of a song called (I think) 'Easy Boys & Easy Girls' full of hooks, choruses and harmonies. 'Easy, easy, easy boys, and easy, easy easy girls, will never, never get to heaven' is the chorus that teenagers across the nation could be singing in 2010.

The five-piece were in the mood to party and embraced the circus theme by having their faces painted. The band are tight and fired through a set with passion, style and a sense of urgency, belief and confidence that this reviewer hasn't seen in a long time.

The band introduced 'We're All Cruel' as their forthcoming debut single. On first listen it sounds epic, with a beautiful breakdown into the second verse that starts 'if you like the summer sky.....'

This is definitely a band to look out for.....if you like the summer sky.

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