Saturday 15 October 2022

Anything Goes & Everything Flows DJ Mix 17

Welcome to my 17th 60-minute mix where I try and capture the vibe from pre-club nights I used to attend in my younger days at the likes of The Variety Bar & McChuills in Glasgow.

This mix might have a late afternoon/early evening in McChuills kind of vibe. Old Nick would be behind the bar pulling all kinds of cd's out and just going with the flow.

Kicking off with a 12 minute live groove from Donny Hathaway and his band, you are in for a treat with that song alone, never mind the full mix! Hathaway announces he is going to break the song/groove down into 4-movements, allowing each of his band to a chance to shine, a chance for them all to stretch out.

It's a stunner. I love the way piano really takes things a little higher, a little further at around the 3-minute mark and then brings it all back .... then Donny introduces 'the second movement y'all' allowing his guitarist to go for it. Wait for the bass groove though!!!! 'That sounds pretty good y'all!'

I remember getting this album for a fiver from FOPP many years ago, it's been great to revisit it.

Betty Davis' Hangin' Out features, possibly for the 3rd time in one of these mixes. I keep coming back to this song. It's super cool and funky with a catchy chorus.

Elsewhere, most of these songs are new discoveries over the last month or so. God I love music and having the time to explore different artists and sounds.

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Love the Herbie Mann song, not the album cover!

Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) - Donny Hathaway

Vampin - The Mack/Soundtrack - Willie Hutch

Push Push - Herbie Mann ft. Duane Allman

Funky Thithee - Shuggie Otis

These Are The JB's - Pt 1 & 2 - The J.B.'s

Thinking Black - Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm

Instant Groove - King Curtis

A Day In The Life - Chocolate Snow

Soul & Sunshine - Harvey & The Phenomenals

Hangin' Out - Betty Davis

I Love Music - Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Unwind Yourself - Marva Whitney

It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who To Sock It To) - Marva Whitney

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