Tuesday 11 July 2017

Introducing new Scottish music

The Second Hand Marching Band
Featured in a few blogs over the years

While my blog is completely free range - allowing me write about anything I desire at any time - I do love to discover new and up and coming bands/artists on the Glasgow/Scottish music scene.

I am now in the tenth year of writing my blog. So I've enjoyed looking back over some old blogs and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised at the number of live reviews, interviews or features of DIY/unsigned artists that I have covered and in some cases championed (or managed/advised).

Here are links to blogs written on discovering bands/artists for the first time. Sometimes literally on formation, maybe at their first gig and on occasions - a long time after I should have heard about them/seen them/listened to them. (I have blogged about many of them more than once)

As a co-founder/board member of Last Night From Glasgow, I'm taking even more of an interest in the Glasgow and Scottish unsigned and DIY scene, determined to use the label to give artists a platform or a leg up to the next level. So look out for (semi)regular 'introducing' features.

Feel free to get in touch with recommendations.

Previous introductions include (note the list isn't exhaustive)

Sonny MarvelloSecond Hand Marching BandSeventeenth CenturySkies FellAdmiral FallowMiaoux Miaoux Conquering Animal SoundRoddy Hart and the Lonesome FireDiscopolisLady NorthPawsAdam StaffordThe Moth and the MirrorNevada BaseRemember RememberRachel SermanniErrorsThe Son(s)Warren McIntyre and the Starry SkiesTeenCanteenRick Redbeard ChurchesVelveteen Saints ,Flash TalkSkinny DipperDr Cosmos Tape Lab ,Tuff LoveKloeNeon WaltzInsomniac ProjectNovember Lights , Best Girl Athlete , Wuh OhColonel Mustard and the Dijon 5Catholic ActionKiDDSpinning CoinSaint PHNXMark W GeorgssonEtteEmme WoodsStephen Solo, BooHooHoo, The Vegan Leather, Outblinker , Gerry Cinnamon , Medicine Men , The Bar Dogs , Fnuf and the Fairylights , Mark W Georgsson , KVASIR ,

Also see 16 for 2016 

The Moth and the Mirror

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