Friday 5 August 2022

Never Ending Mixtape part 75


Flying Mojito Brothers

The Delgados


How are you doing?

Welcome to part 75 of my Never Ending Mixtape. Back in the day I loved making C90 mixtapes and then that changed to CD's. Now I enjoy making playlists, some with real thought behind them ... but with my Never Ending Mixtape I just add songs to it whenever I get the notion ... and it works!

My Never Ending Mixtape now has over 2,750 songs on it! I personally enjoy just pressing shuffle and seeing what plays. 

A little tip - If you want to play from the new songs added, click on to the playlist and then go to the top where you can type in the section next to the magnifying glass - 'find in playlist'. Type in Accused of Stealing, then click on that song and away you go!

I have bought tickets for The Delgados at The Barrowland next January and I've enjoyed listening to their back catalogue for the first time in ages. 

Other highlights range from R.E.M. to Peter Doherty - an artist I've not really explored, but have checked a little recently after reading and enjoying his autobiography. Then we have 2nd Grade and Flying Mojito Brothers (photo at the top) - two bands I hadn't previously heard of before, never mind heard a song.

We end with a song by Scottish artist Lizzie Reid (photo at the bottom) - check her out. I hope to see her live in the near future.

Search for Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify or CLICK HERE

As always, I hope you find something you've never heard before that you fall in love with, or that you rediscover an old favourite.

You'll find a list of the latest songs added below;

Accused of Stealing - The Delgados

Make Your Move - The Delgados

No Danger - The Delgados

Everybody Come Down - The Delgados

Dennis Hopper in Easy Street - 2nd Grade

Fall At Your Feet - Crowded House

Weather With You - Crowded House

Something So Strong - Crowded House

The Storm - World Of Twist

Low Expectations - Edwyn Collins

Hang on to Yourself - David Bowie

Dancing In The Moonlight - Thin Lizzy

We All Stand Together (The Frog Chorus) - Paul McCartney

Calico Skies - Paul McCartney

I've Got A Feeling (Rooftop take 1) - The Beatles

Get Back (Rooftop take 3) - The Beatles

The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

Father And Son - Cat Stevens

Do Your Thing - Moondog

All Our Dreams Are Coming True - Gene Page

Catholic Education - Teenage Fanclub

Fall On Me - R.E.M.

(Don't Go Back To) Rockville - R.E.M.

New Orleans Instrumental - R.E.M.

Into The Sun - Superorganism

Lay Down - DMA's

Falling Hard - Poster Paints

Five Mile Hike - Flying Mojito Brothers

Keep On - instrumental - Flying Mojito Brothers

For Lovers - Peter Doherty 

Free Money - Patti Smith

Arms Around the Sun - Sonny Marvello

Up the Bracket - The Libertines

Don't Play That Song - Aretha Franklin

Albion - Babyshambles

Broken Love Song - Peter Doherty

Someone Else - Peter Doherty

Days Like This - Polyphonic Spree

Hanging Around The Day Pt. 1 - Polyphonic Spree

Hanging Around The Day Pt. 2- Polyphonic Spree

Wop-A-Din Din - Red House Painters

Overcome By Happiness - Pernice Brothers

Warpaint - Lizzie Reid

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