Saturday, 22 April 2017

TeenCanteen - Sirens EP

Released on transparent 10-inch blue and red vinyl with white splatters (each one different) on Record Store Day; TeenCanteen's Sirens EP has 4 songs that will lift you up, make you sing, make you dance and quite possibly bring tears to your eyes.

The title track certainly brought tears to mine. So did Millions once I got through the pop and the melodies to the lyrics. Regular readers will know that Carla (singer-songwriter in the band) is my sister. Both songs are about our Dad who died when I was 24 and Carla was only 15.

The piano version of Sirens is heart stopping; it is tears in the eyes, it is memories, heart break, heart ache, thinking what if? It is the sound of someone pouring their heart out, backed only by harmonies and backing vocals by friends at all the right moments, with only sparse Spector-esque reverb heavy piano for company.

I first heard it in early January in La Chunky studio in Finnieston, Glasgow shortly after completion. Carla asked for the studio lights to be turned off and I sat with the band, producer Stephen Watkins and my wife in total darkness other than the computer screen and the lights on the mixing desk.

It is devastatingly beautiful. When I hear Carla pouring her heart out and singing I wish I had time, I wish I had time in a voice crackling with gets me. It may well get you too. Switch your lights off and listen.

The 4 voices combining to sing I want sunshine pouring through my window is just sublime. It gets better, the song flows and rises superbly.

All I've ever wanted was for a bit longer
To be a mans daughter
But some things
Take much more than a 4 leaf clover
To form realities out of dreams
Let the sirens play
Let the sirens play out loud

I wish I had time so I could define
All of the time you've been on my mind
Reminds me of school days and hanging in the park
Remembering to be home before the dark

Sirens is a new version of a song released on Say It All With A Kiss, the debut album that came out in September 2016. The other 3 songs are all brand new. To follow up the album so quickly is testament to the confidence that the band have and the 4 girls each bring something magical to the record.

What You Gonna Do About Me? is an outpouring of emotion, talking of dreaming, stamping feet, spreading roots, seeing friends and confirming independence. All in 2 minutes and 22 seconds!

You make me wanna skip school
Though I don't go to school anymore
What's the point in living for the weekend?
If I wanna see my friends I'll see my friends
Anytime I want to.....

If I want a minute dreaming in my bedroom
I will take a minute dreaming in my bedroom

Can't Go Back (Starry Eyed) is glorious unashamed pop that you could imagine Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen singing. The breakdown and then rise for the final minute is euphoric.

Millions is the lead single from the EP, picking up airplay on 6Music courtesy of Marc Riley. It's punchy and direct, only 3-minutes long and that includes time for backwards psychedelic guitars and the sound of Sita crying real tears at the end.

You're a million, million, million, million miles away
I still feel you near
Though you've disappeared

Oh come back to me if I call your name

TeenCanteen have a string of dates through the summer months, starting today where they play Monorail Records/Mono Cafe bar at 5pm for free as part of Record Store Day. Keep an eye on their social media for info about Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton, Norway, The Great Escape and more.

Order an amazing 10-inch vinyl via the Last Night From Glasgow shop.


ab said...

They were great today - missed last 2 songs as my son was very keen to see the Prontos up at Dow's...Betty review of both will follow!

Unknown said...

Do you know where I can find the lyrics of the EP?