Monday 10 October 2016

Feel So Sad by Spiritualized

Spiritualized are a band/artist that I have loved since I fell for their Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space album in 1997. Jason Pierce (J Spaceman) was (and is) a visionary; a true artist.

I checked for previous albums and remember buying Lazer Guided Melodies and Pure Phase out of FOPP on Union Street. I always looked forward to new releases and shows. There were never that many shows, but there was one particularly memorable Barrowland Ballroom show with Pierce playing side stage, hiding in the shadows and just letting his music, band and lights take control.

J Spaceman and Kate Radley

What I didn't do - was delve deep into the back catalogue of Spiritualized. That would have highlighted a number of pre Laser Guided Melodies releases.

Two months ago I did something I said I would never do. I signed up to Spotify! I wrestled with my conscious for a while, but quickly forgot about it when I discovered entire back catalogues were at my fingertips. I'll continue to buy records and cd's and support artists. They can't survive without the help of their fans.

When you search for an artist on Spotify you are presented with their 5 most popular tracks. I was amazed I hadn't heard of Feel So Sad (Glides and Chimes) which was far and away the most popular Spiritualized song with over 6 million plays. So I checked it out.

Feel So Sad was originally released in June 1991. Discogs lists it as Space Rock/Psychedelic Rock. The 12-inch single had the A:side as Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies), lasting an epic 13 minutes and 18 seconds, with the B:side Feel So Sad (Glides and Chimes) lasting 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

This is a prime example of me buying something if I like it on Spotify. That 12-inch is mine.

Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies)

This is soulful, hymnal, lysergic, uplifting, soothing, beautiful....timeless. The feeling and production is sublime. J Spaceman's voice sounds wasted. As in many of the Spiritualized songs that were to follow - he's in a reflective mood and talking to God.

Sweet Lord is this my fate
To live my life in this state

Sweet Lord it's a sin
To live this life sufferin'
I feel so sad

It is what happens when Pierce stops singing that is truly mind blowing. It is majestic. The arrangements, melodies, riffs and feel that is conjured up over the course of the song is mind blowing. It floats, it soars, it comes back to almost nothing, just soothing ambience.

Pierce comes back in at around 7-minutes. His fractured, wasted, delicate vocals sound dreamy and like they are floating. Things then build, pulse and combine so that by 10 minutes and 40 seconds there are 4 or 5 gorgeous melodies entwined and sounding like heaven.

Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies) is special, it is incredible! Just listen to it, it is a work of art. 13 minutes and 18 seconds of beautiful sounds. Feel So Sad (Glides and Chimes) is a shorter instrumental version, although still clocking in at 6 minutes and 30 seconds. The beautiful layers are there for all to hear - just stunning.

J Spaceman with Kate Radley; 
a girl who inspired Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space
and The Verve's - Urban Hymns


Matt Vogt said...

Love this song! If you have the Complete Works Vol. 1, then you have four versions of it, all quite different, which together comprise a fascinating listening experience when heard back to back.

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Where can I listen to this track on Spotify?

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