Thursday 2 September 2021

Never Saw It Coming


Photo by Kat Gollock

Poster Paints, my sister Carla's new band with her friend Simon, have just released their second single, Never Saw It Coming, to kick off a busy 6-weeks during which they'll play 3 shows with Teenage Fanclub in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow - at the famous Glasgow Barrowland. They then play their first headline show at The Poetry Club on Thursday 7th October.

Never Saw It Coming begins with a fuzzy distorted guitar riff over beats, then a jangly reverb lead guitar line comes over the top as Carla begins to sing - words and melodies simply pouring out of her, only slowing when she gets to the hook/chorus.

I can't believe you're gone

I never saw it coming

And then the word and melodies come flowing again ...

so, so, so

so here we go again another day for new beginnings

with a final end to the race I fought and lost in constant winning

when we said our goodbyes I forgot to say that I was sorry

There is plenty of space in the arrangement, playing and production, everything seems so beautifully unrushed and dreamy, particularly the middle section which has loving splash of psychedelia/dream pop... dare I say shoegaze?

You've got to pull yourself together

I've got have it all

I love the whole feel to the song, the guitars are sublime, layered perfectly and Carla's vocals are stunning. 

Simon and Carla have an incredible collection of songs from lockdown and they are still writing. I look forward to hearing what they release next.

Here are Carla's original lyrics. You can see from the working title where some of the influences might come from. A limited edition cassette single is being released tomorrow (3rd September) via Poster Paints Bandcamp page.

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