Monday 14 November 2016

Introducing - KVASIR

If you want to hear possibly the most sublime music being produced in Scotland right now then look no further than K V A S I R.

K V A S I R is a producer from Glasgow who, with the help of a fencing max and some funky lighting, has created a mysterious anonymous guise that allows him to live out all kinds of electronic fantasies.

I'm not privy to these fantasies but I imagine that they might include Daft Punk meeting Mylo to cruise along a highway at night with the Drive soundtrack blaring out and a vocoder sitting on the passenger seat.

There is much more to K V A S I R's self-titled debut EP than the influences mentioned above though. Four-tracks, the length of a good old fashioned EP, give K V A S I R space to play and the music plenty of opportunity to breath.

Motion is sublime; uplifting electronic pop, beautifully crafted and produced. Exchange is vocoder heaven - the kind of song that many modern day pop stars would die for. But hey, K V A S I R is a modern day pop star!

Lyon has a glorious sun-kissed chorus. It's electronic robotic love with a heart. You know the kind that Daft Punk are so good at?.... Well that.

Cause I can say I'm sorry
I can say I need you
And I can say I'll tear myself apart
But you don't even want this
You don't even hear me
Cause I can't face the truth it breaks my hear

The EP flows beautifully into First Throws, bubbling synths build and build into a true hands in the air moment and you expect the big beats to come in. Only the don't, things drop down and a Mylo-esqe sample from a Trader talking about 'dreaming of another recession' comes in, before the beats do kick in.

Summary - so good you won't believe it.

K V A S I R will be supporting Crash Club at St Luke's on 3rd December and announcing a January date in the very near future.

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