Sunday, 31 May 2015


It was a like a scene from a film; beautiful, widescreen, everyone was ready; looking good, feeling good, dressed to

Last night at the world famous Barrowland Ballroom was an absolute joy; listening to and dancing to some incredible tunes on the talc dusted dancefloor with good friends. The atmosphere was exceptionally positive and friendly. Good vibes spread from the dancefloor to the DJ's and back again.

People looked amazing, the age range was vast and everyone was there to have a good time. Early on we watched enthralled as a young guy in huge flares kicked and spun with his girlfriend who was just as good as him.

The tunes were superb - a few we knew, loads we didn't. We ventured to the bar downstairs a few times through the night where DJ's were also playing and I fell in love with a new song - Tyrone Barkley's Man of Value. What a tune, I had to find out what it was and the DJ obliged.

Back up the stairs people had loosened up and the dancefloor was busy. There were some incredible dancers but most people, myself included, were there to have a good time and dance our hearts out to some great songs - the best tunes at the best venue.

The DJ's all had 30-45 minutes to spin their tunes and show their taste, skills and collections. There were some slow burners, some floaters and many a stomper - DJ's wanted people dancing.

Jackie Wilson's (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher was euphoric. People had their hands in the air, punching the sky in delight as they danced and sung along.

What a night! This was the second annual Barraloadasoul - roll on next year.

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acky6859 said...

superb all-dayer the best in Scotland for many a year and the crowd well up for it. thanks to Geraldine, Steph & something Kookin guys jim Wilson and mucka gary love for asking me through to DJ. highlight of the year for me and a well organised event & promoted event hopefully they carry on with this next year. people traveling from all over the U.K made it the event of the year

Acky ( Aberdeen )