Friday, 10 December 2021

Never Ending Mixtape part 67


Welcome to the latest additions to my Never Ending Mixtape which now has 154 hours 32 minutes of music, approaching 2,500 songs.

Thanks so much if you are one of the 259 people that follow it. And thanks also if you check in now and again. I hope you rediscover an old favourite or discover something new and wonderful you haven't heard before.

I add songs regularly as I go, there is no particular method. Unlike the mixtapes when I was younger that were restricted to 60 or 90 minutes. Back then I would meticulously plan the running order. With no limit on this mixtape, I just add songs all the time. I do like playing the playlist on shuffle though.

Here is a list of the latest songs I have added. Check out Hey Boy by The Magic Kids that I first heard very recently while DJ-ing recently with my friend Barry in Mono. Barry also played Foggy Notion by The Velvet Underground which sounded absolutely incredible.

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Weirdo - The Charlatans

Taste - Ride

Today - Ride

Polar Bear - Ride

Bye Bye Pride - The Go-Betweens

Paint - The Lemonheads

Stephanie Says - The Velvet Underground

I'm Sticking With You - The Velvet Underground

Hospital - The Lemonheads

Half The Time - The Lemonheads

Nature #1 demo - The Charlatans

Hope Is The Last Thing To Die - David Holmes

Kitchen - Godstar

Sunshower -  Godstar

Every Step Is A Way Through - Marioni

Love Having You Around - First Choice

Together We Stand - Araiana Greenblatt

Chaise Longue - Wet Leg

Wet Dream - Wet Leg

What Kind Of Lady - Dee Dee Sharp

Oh Girl - The Ch-lites

Have You Seen Her - The Chi-lites

Ecstasy - New Order

Leave Me Alone - New Order

Laurie (live) - Tim Burgess

The Only One I Know - Tim Burgess

Trianon Masp - Monokini

Another Version Of The Truth - Tim Burgess

We All Need Love - Tim Burgess

Just One Kiss - Tim Burgess

Always Together With You - Spiritualized

I Think I'm In Love - Spiritualized

If The Kids Are United - Sham 69

The World Is Waiting - Gerry Love & Frank Popp Ensemble

Only For Tonight - Pearl Charles

What I Need - Pearl Charles

Kill All Hippies - Primal Scream

Light My Fire - The Doors

Jump Into The Fire - Harry Nilsson

Without You - Harry Nilsson

Early In The Morning - Harry Nilsson

Taste of Cindy - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Fake ID - Spyres

Free Today - Albertine Sarges

Oh My Love - Albertine Sarges

Before You Gotta Go - Courtney Barnett

Like A Ship - Pastor TL Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir

Jolene - Dolly Parton

Can't Seem To Make You Mine - The Seeds

It's Getting Better Man - Oasis

On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

Kissaround - Sister Vanilla

Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells

Lonely Planet Boy - New York Dolls

Chameleon Queen - Cats Eyes

Don't Cry, No Tears - Teenage Fanclub

Days Of Heaven - The Dream Machine

Hey Boy - The Magic Kids

Foggy Notion - The Velvet Underground

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