Friday, 7 May 2021

Introducing Poster Paints

Meet Poster Paints, my sister Carla J Easton's new band, formed during lockdown with her friend Simon Liddell formerly of Olympic Swimmers and Frightened Rabbits.

Simon recorded some music and sent it on to Carla to see if she was inspired to write melodies and lyrics. She was ... and it worked - rather beautifully.

As lockdown wore on, the two continued creating and soon had enough songs for an album. 

The songs developed with contributions from friends including Ziggy Lomond Campbell, Susie Bear, Jonny Scott, Eugene Kelly, Gabbi Coenen, Andrew Chung and Amanda Williams.

Poster Paints is (in my opinion) the best thing (to date) my sister has been involved in. Simon and Carla have created something really special. 

Debut single Number One has a flowing, bright, breezy feeling to it, the instrumental section with jangly guitars has a dreamy quality to it, the vocals are crystal clear and I love the production. This is scuzz pop for teenage romance.

This is a mere hint of what Poster Paints have in store. 

Spring has sprung and Number One breaks the ice rather nicely, offering glimpses of the sunshine to come. Download it from their bandcamp page. It's out on all other streaming platforms on Monday 10th May.

We got together when we were so young

We were aiming for the sun

But kids are so naive 

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Cause baby you're my number one




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