Wednesday, 14 May 2014

You're Still Mine by TeenCanteen

Ah summer pop perfection.

TeenCanteen is my sister Carla's band so hands up I have a vested interest in the band, however if she keeps producing pop gems like this then I'll keep blogging about them. This is a beauty.

You're Still Mine is the forthcoming second single from the young Scottish girl quartet, coming out as a self release on 7-inch glitter vinyl and iTunes on 16th June, produce by Lomond Campbell from Scottish arts collective FOUND.

Spector/Wilson-esque lyrics come in over a pulsing synth introducing us to the song, acoustic guitar, high-hats and bass tease and hint at what may come.

I'm not asking you to love me
I'm asking you to tell me why you don't
And I'm not saying honey hold me
I'm saying 'honey tell me why you won't'

It all kicks in gloriously just after a minute for the third verse. The synths soar and the beat kicks in, the 'tearing up your letters, tearing up my eyes' section is clever.

I'm not tearing up your letters
But I'm tearing up my eyes
i'm not making any promise
When I'm breaking through these lies

Sometimes like lately
It feels like you're trying to break me
I need you to save me
Is this what it takes to make you mine

Then comes the beautiful breakdown with finger snaps;

Your hold on me is pulling me down
But I won't give up if this is love
Your grip on me is as cold as steel
But I've never felt anything this real 

repeat once

Handclaps and the Hookiest New Order bassline in years lead a glorious extended outro.

Indie pop song of the year to date. Beautifully written and constructed a-la a Brill Building classic.

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