Tuesday 13 August 2013

Introducing Pete MacLeod

Sometimes the good guys win, sometimes the good guys come through. It doesn't always work out like that, certainly not as much as it should.

One good guy who is coming through is Pete MacLeod who has been working his music hard over the last few years, keeping an exceptionally positive attitude and building up an increasing fanbase. Pete has also been extremely supportive of charity with proceeds from some self releases going to good causes - a good guy.

One fan just happens to be the legendary Alan McGee who credits Pete 'more than anyone' for his return to music with his new label 359 music. It is a welcome return, injecting a much needed sense of energy, urgency and honesty into the music business.

With the release of debut single 'Rolling Stone' coming out in October (on download and ltd cd) it is easy to see why McGee has chosen Pete amongst his first batch of signings (I'll blog on more in the future but I am delighted to see The Grants/Chris Grant is one of them).

'Rolling Stone' starts with chiming Byrds-esque guitars and it remains upbeat from the off with the opening lyric 'what won't kill you only makes you stronger'.

I mentioned energy, urgency and honesty when talking about the return of Alan McGee to the music business. Those words can easily be applied to MacLeod's debut single. His vocals are crisp and clear, with lovely little rises at key moments.

The guitar solo and the strong vocal melody recall Bandwagonesque era Fanclub and there is a lovely undercurrent of hammond introduced during the instrumental and at choruses.

'Rolling Stone' is lovely guitar pop, easy on the ear with melodies that will get you humming along after just one listen. 

'Rolling Stone' is released on 359 Music as a download on 14th October and then as a 7-inch on 28th October. Visit Pete's website for details of live dates in Glasgow and London (and see poster above).

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