Friday, 5 August 2011

Five for Friday, 05/08/11

Kicking off with Marvin and Tammi, if you don't own their duets album you really should track it down. If you or any of your friends are ever short of a first wedding dance song, pretty much any song off that album will hit the mark.

Super bad and super funky James Brown doing what he does complete with an outstansing moustache! I was lucky enough to catch him live in Glasgow a couple of years before he past away - one of my all-time top gigs. His band were shit hot and he was just the master.

Kick back with this super slow groover from Sly, the bass just melts everything else away.

And then get on your dancing shoes for this northern monster.

We end with one of the most life affirming tunes I have ever heard.

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