Sunday 6 November 2022

Never Ending Mixtape part 77

Welcome to part 77 of my Never Ending Mixtape. 

On 6th September the Mixtape was up to 2,845 songs. I missed an update in October, so it's now up to over 3,000! I'm not going to list all of the songs that have been added. I'll try and revert back to doing that next month.

What I can tell you is that there are additions by; Sebadoh (pictured above), Shack, The Beta Band, Buffalo Springfield (pictured below), The Jam, Sweet Baboo, The Isley Brothers, The Ohio Players, Erma Franklin, Marva Whitney, The Beths, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Tim Burgess, Yo La Lengo, Teenage Fanclub, Angel Olsen (pictured above), Taylor Swift, Mark Lanegan (check his autobiography!), Charlotte Cornfield, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Poster Paints, Hanging Stars and Bob Dylan!

Then we come bang up to date with songs from the new Taylor Swift album with Question? and my personal favourite Karma sandwiched between Mogwai and The Only Ones. Where else would you get that?

There are a few songs from the recent Revolver boxset including The Beatles playing Rain at actual speed! It's incredible.

Stereolab (pictured below), Elastica, Aphex Twin, The Magnetic Fields, Peter Gordon & the Love of Life Orchestra and Diana Ross bring the Never Ending Mixtape up to 3,013 songs!

Search for Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify or CLICK HERE

Play from the start, the middle, click shuffle, or scroll down towards the end to find some of the songs I've been enjoying over the last couple of months.

As always, I hope you rediscover something you love, or that you discover something you've never heard before that you fall for instantly.


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