Friday 11 December 2015

Hotchpotch by KiDD

I first came across Stuart Kidd when he started playing drums with BMX Bandits at a very young age. Since then he has gone on to play with Euros Childs and Linden, whilst creating music with The Wellgreen, personal faves Dr Cosmos Tape Lab and solo under the name of KiDD.

The small label The Barne Society have thoughtfully collected the best of KiDD's solo work into an album entitled Hotchpotch that is available to stream or buy HERE

KiDD can melt hearts, Little Lucy is an ode to a friends baby girl and he sings about love being on her side. If Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub ever records a solo album then I expect it to contain something like this. Melodic, thoughtful and beautiful.

Most of the songs have a lovely laid back feeling and groove to them. The vocals are gorgeous - melodic, pure and true.

Listening to Waiting for Springtime on a cold, wet and miserable day in Glasgow was like escapism. A lofi drumbeat, gorgeous melodies and a hushed and dreamy vocal...

7am, another tired Tuesday
I'd much rather be, hiding beneath the duvet

If KiDD reminded me of Norman Blake earlier on in the album, Waiting for Springtime is the kind of song Gerry Love would....well, love!

We've been so long, waiting for springtime
It's been so long, I can't recall the last time
We felt the sun

Royal Jelly is a wibbly, wobbly, sugary instrumental that is great fun, Leave Me Here I'm Sleeping is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year, while Ring the Belle is more dreamy, acoustic, gorgeousness wrapped up in just over 3-minutes

The compilation closes with What Do You Think, melodica over a lazily strummed acoustic guitar and

Where do you think I'd be if something went wrong
You'd open your eyes to see I've been here all along

I'm a little late in posting the blog, so the limited yellow cassettes have sold out, but you can name your price for a download - make it a good one :-)

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