Monday, 13 October 2014

Postcards from Rome by The Velveteen Saints

I've been following the Velveteen Saints, a young 4-piece from the outskirts of Glasgow (now firmly based in Glasgow), since they sent me an email 2-years ago, inviting me to one of their very first gigs and sending me a link to their song Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead, blogging about them HERE.

The band have taken their time to release their debut single, building up a fine collection of songs and loads of live experience - including a huge show with The Charlatans and a European tour with The View. So for the Velveteen Saints - Rock 'n' Roll definitely isn't dead.

The bands debut single Postcards from Rome is out today on Dead Beet Records.

Postcards from Rome takes a dash of Eddie Cochran, adds a slice of Bolan and T-Rex and a generous helping of the Marychain; marrying guitars with hooks and melodies. It's good, fun, simple and pure rock 'n' roll guitar music - something there is an incredible dearth of in 2014.

So baby
Come on home
Don't leave your man alone
I got a feeling in my bones
That you'll send me
Postcards from Rome

100 ltd edition vinyl copies of the single will be available at a a hometown launch party show with secret special guests at Broadcast on 31st October. It's sure to be a good one.

Check the single below;

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