Friday 24 May 2013

Lets catch up

It has been a while since my last blog post, I've been pretty busy with my day job, managing Nevada Base and Vigo Thieves and being a Dad.

I've still had time to enjoy lots of music and gigs during that time so I thought I'd write a short blog about some of the stuff I have been enjoying over the last couple of months and then aim to do 3 or 4 blogs a month after that. So here goes....

Collins released an album 'Understated' on his own label back in February and followed that up with a home coming show at the ABC in Glasgow in March. The album rolls back the years, fusing Collins love of Northern Soul with his passion for pop and the Velvets. 

The show at the ABC was utterly sensational. Grown men were in tears as he rolled out a load of Orange Juice classics, although it was a rare performance of his worldwide solo smash 'A Girl Like You' that truly brought the house down as Collins left the stage to leave his exceptional band jamming on.

I will eventually post a review of the album but check out my personal fave 'Too Bad, That's Sad' below.

Former leader of the Beta Band, Steve Mason released 'Monkey Minds in the Devils Time' and showcased his talent in a number of ways through the 20-tracks on the record; playing virtually every instrument (I particularly like his bass grooves), self recorded and produced a large percentage and by using his unique voice to bring politics to the fore.

Every second track is an instrumental recorded in Mason's home studio, flushing out the album and turning it into something you can truly get lost in and enjoy spending time with. 

'Oh My Lord' is sensational while 'Fight Them Back' gets into a Beta Band groove. A cracking follow up to the outstanding 'Boys Outside'. Steve Mason is on a roll.

I started writing a review of Bowie's 'comeback' album 'The Next Day' but I haven't got around to finish it. I will at some point, in many ways I'm still exploring it. 

This album has so much to offer the listener; Bowie is on top form with glam, punk, pop and rock all combining to startling effect. His voice sounds stronger than ever as he pours scorn on rumours surrounding his death and conjours up songs that other acts would give their right arm for with ease.

Somewhere Brett Anderson is wishing that he wrote this number;

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