Monday 3 September 2012

Maybe You by Saint Lou Lou

Some time during August, a Sunday to be precise, I was flicking through the Culture magazine that comes with the Sunday Times and my eyes were immediately drawn to the 'ones to watch' section starring a band called Saint Lou Lou. The picture below speaks for itself...

The Sunday Times piece was swiftly followed by a feature on The Guardian's New Band of the Day highlighting a single out on the hip Kitsune label at the end of August.

Well it is now September and the single 'Maybe You' is out and I have it.

If the pictures are sultry, sexy and seductive, then the music is even more so. The slow paced groove draws you in quickly, the synths just ooze sex, the vocals are dripping with honey.

Maybe you and your sad blue eyes
Pull me through if you come tonight

The production is sublime, the song just seems remarkably fluid. I am already looking forward to hearing more from Saint Lou Lou and I really hope they come to Glasgow.

The song has loads of remixes to check out but here is the original. Apparently an album is due to drop in 2013.

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