Monday, 3 September 2012

White by Tim Burgess

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Tim Burgess and The Charlatans, they have been helping to provide the soundtrack to my life for over 20-years.

Tim Burgess seems to be going through a bit of a creative peak in 2012; 

  • Tim's autiobiography 'Tellin' Stories' is top notch, flowing in the way that many of his songs do. The way he talks about music is so refreshing and the lists of singles, songs and albums that he compiles throughout the book have led me to discover some great music.
  • Tim's taste in music is being recognised by promoters and he has turned his hand to curating tents/stages at festivals, getting to play with some of his fave artists at Kendal Calling.
  • Tim is also a bit of a social media guru, he even has an online coffee shop - Tim Peaks Diner!
  • Tim may or may not be bringing out his own cereal 'Totes Amaze Balls' due to one of his tweets!
  • The Charlatans 'Tellin' Stories' tour was a complete celebration of a classic album and the band were in exceptional form
  • Tim has his second solo LP 'Oh No I Love You' coming out at the start of October
  • And this single now
  • Oh and he has his own record label OGenesis 
I've probably missed about 20 things. In short Tim Burgess is a busy and creative young man, he is enjoying it and providing a lot of enjoyment to others.

Anyway, lets get on to the single 'White' which comes complete with a brilliantly trippy video (above)/

'White' starts with a groove; keys, beats, brass, acoustic strums and then Tim comes in telling stories (honestly no pun intended) about an old love.

The chorus flows beautifully;

Miss it all, miss the ending
Miss the texts, we were sending
Miss the score, I miss you more
Sugar soul (I think that is what it is)
Heartbreaks on hold
Heartbreaks on hold

Bring on the album and some Scottish dates including two at Oran Mor on October 19th.

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