Saturday 6 March 2021

Never Ending Mixtape Part 58


Welcome to the latest additions to my Never Ending Mixtape playlist on Spotify. Now approaching 1,900 songs, 123 hours 46 minutes of music, nearly 200 followers.

This month sees pure independent guitar pop from Shop Assistants, some classic and incredible Oasis b-sides, a few gems from Carole King's Writer album, a few from The Bangles, and then we have Love, Superstar, Teenage Fanclub's new single, Nick Drake, The Beastie Boys and The Stones at their majestic best.

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I hope you find something you haven't heard before that you fall for or that you rediscover an old favourite if you dive in. Let me know if you do. I'm on Twitter @murrayeaston 

Poor Boy - Nick Drake

Cath - The Bluebells

Divine Thing - Soup Dragons

Talking In My Sleep - The Bangles

Manic Monday - The Bangles

7 and 7 is - Love

In Your Room - The Bangles

I'm More Inclined - Teenage Fanclub

Superstar - Superstar

Victoria - The Fall

Empire State Of Mind - Jay Z and Alicia Keys

You're Gonna Miss Me - Turntable Orchestra

Summer Babe - Pavement

Favor - Julien Baker

Freaky Hijiki - Beastie Boys

Goin' Back - Carole King

To Love - Carole King

Eventually - Carole King

Can't You Be Real - Carole King

You Ain't Going Nowhere (take 2) - Bob Dylan

Exploration - The Karminsky Experience

Electricity - OMD

You're The One - The Vogues

Acquiesce - Oasis

Round Are Way - Oasis

The Masterplan - Oasis

Before I Wake - Shop Assistants

All That Ever Mattered - Shop Assistants

Train From Kansas City - Shop Assistants

Moonlight Mile - The Rolling Stones

Lantern - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Take Me Home - Peter Perrett

Seasons (Waiting On You) - Future Islands

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