Saturday 21 December 2019

Primal Scream at the Barrowland Ballroom

Primal Scream and the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom are a match made in heaven. I have caught the band in the venue many, many times over the years and they always threaten to blow the roof off the place. In fact, at one show circa 98 with the Mary Chain supporting I think they might have succeeded!

This show was like an FA Cup final for Gillespie and co, the last night of a tour to promote their Maximum Rock n Roll compilation, there was a real sense of occasion to the night. And oh how they attacked and went for victory with pace, style and class. You could imagine a Fergie style pep talk - just go out and enjoy yourself.

And they did. The lights dropped and Andy Stewart's I Belong To Glasgow blasted out of the PA. As it faded the riff from Don't Fight It Feel It started and the band sauntered on, Gillespie resplendent in pink suit, Simone Marie Butler looked like the coolest bass player in the planet and Andrew Innes just grinned and set about his electric guitar with glee.

The band tore through Swastika Eyes and blitzed into Miss Lucifer with Gillespie urging the crowd to shake it baby, shake it baby and everyone did as they were told. The pace was ferocious, Accelerator was white noise punk rock and Kill All Hippies grooved.

Yup - the pace was ferocious and the Barras was hot last night
Finally worked how to create a GIF!

There was a let up with a glorious (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind and then a stunning I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have, Gillespie was all over the stage, jacket tossed aside and leading the crowd with glee. Original Scream guitarist Jim Beattie joined for the chiming pop perfection of Velocity Girl and Imperial, the latter of which was a real highlight for me.

Then the pace picked up again, the rock n roll romp of Dolls, the sensational Burning Wheel. But it was the closing 6 songs that nearly did take the roof off the place.

Loaded was greeted like a lost friend, the groove kicked in and the place was bouncing. Then it was Movin' On Up with Gillespie urging us to be the gospel choir cause his manager said they couldn't afford one! And then an incredible blitz through Country Girl. Gillespie, Simone and Innes regularly came together to smile at the way things were going.

Everyone needed to come up for air and the band left the stage for five minutes only to be urged back on and they started where they left off. Come Together was beautifully euphoric with the crowd singing along and then it was the double whammy of Jailbird and Rocks, delicious maximum rock n roll to end the night.

Gillespie looked like he didn't want to come off stage. A glorious grin was plastered across his face as he took in the scenes and the famous Barrowland roar.

Can we do that again sometime soon please?

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