Tuesday 25 September 2018

Blue Flowers

Within the next week I'll be posting about Kipple Arcadia, the debut album by L Space. Ahead of that I felt compelled to write a short blog about the divine Blue Flowers video they have just released.

Blue Flowers is a song I first fell for coming on a year ago, leading to this blog and interview. I've caught the band a few times since then and have enjoyed watching them prepare for the release of their album.

Back in November 2017 I described this song by saying; think Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval fronting Portishead. The song might have been polished a little but it hasn't changed massively since the first recording I heard.  The trip hop beats and squelchy bass are essential to the feel, the sparse piano melody has a calming effect and singer Lily Higham is dreamy and lost in the song. 

The video is fantastic; taking in Mitchell Lane, the Botanics and hang outs in Glasgow and adding psychedelic Tron like effects when Gordon Johnstone's guitar fizzes and soars over pulsating Massive Attack like ferocious bass before it all calms down by going back to the beats and piano.

Quite simply, this is one of my favourite songs to have come out of the DIY scene in Glasgow over the last 10-years, I think it is stunning and Lily Higham could be a star with her style, musings and vision.

In the Skinny L Space say we subconsciously tried to write songs about better futures and better worlds ... even though some of the songs sound quite dark they have a hopeful message.

Check this gem out and you can order the vinyl LP, released this Friday on Last Night From Glasgow by visiting their online shop HERE

L Space play a trio of dates this week with Cloth and Domiciles in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

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