Tuesday 28 July 2015

Wickerman - Miaoux Miaoux, Kloe and Neon Waltz

The Phoenix Stage/Tent in association with Drowned In Sound was a welcome addition to the Wickerman Festival this year. Indie stalwarts like BMX Bandits, Aidan Moffat, Bill Ryder Jones and Emma Pollok lined up alongside the likes Kathryn Joseph - winner of the SAY Award, Alias Kid - Alan McGee's latest faves and many hotly tipped acts from around Scotland.

This blog focuses on three of them.

Miaoux Miaoux has just released his second album on Chemikal Underground, yet he remains hotly tipped. It is surely just a matter of time before he releases a breakthrough single and people suddenly discover his fantastic catalogue on Chemikal and previous self releases.

Miaoux Miaoux provided an early highlight on Saturday afternoon with Julian Corrie assisted by the incredible rhythm section of Liam Chapman on drums and Liam Graham on bass. The sound guys in the Phoenix Stage really got it spot on throughout the weekend, I think the sound for Miaoux Miaoux was noticeably better than that for his recent show at Stereo. The crowd and band responded, there was dancing throughout with Julian instructing and conducting the band to extend outro's to keep things going.

Luxury Discovery and Star Sickness from School of Velocity were exceptional while trusty fave Hey Sound! sounded sublimely funky and Stop the Clocks caused jaws to drop in admiration. This was the best I have seen Miaoux Miaoux - great sound, superb performance and a well thought out set.

After a quick stroll in the sunshine for a cider I was back at the tent for Neon Waltz who recently signed to Atlantic Records. The young band hail from Wick so are nicely removed from any local scene - showcasing their talent and taste via YouTube with some cracking covers and a show in a castle near their hometown.

The band clearly have something and go for feeling rather than trying to ram a chorus down your throat. Bring Me To Light was beautiful and young frontman Jordan Shearer looks like a cross between a young Tim Burgess and Bobby Gillespie - definitely ones to keep an eye on, loads of promise.

Early on Sunday afternoon I left my friends nursing their hangovers in the acoustic village to nip back to the Phoenix Tent to catch Kloe - a young teenage girl from Clydebank who has been creating an incredible amount of interest throughout Scotland and beyond. Indeed, this could prove to be a VERY, VERY BIG week for this young popster.

I was taken aback by Kloe's confidence as she strutted around the stage, falling to her knees to find the moment and introducing songs with humour 'this is another song about the same guy'. Kloe also displayed a knack for melodies, hooks, choruses and clever lyrics. Check out Feel and Grip on her sound cloud, both of which sounded superb. (again the sound was brilliant in the Phoenix Tent)

A song called Teenage Craze was my personal highlight, flowing superbly to big hooks at the end. It was interesting to see youngsters moving to the front of the stage during the set and the tent becoming fuller as it went on. A teenage girl writing songs about teenage life for teenagers to listen to - I don't think that has happened in a while in Britain. 

Kloe took me back to my own teenage years and a pop star from America called Debbie Gibson. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

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