Sunday 30 December 2012

Velveteen Saints at Broadcast, 29.12.12

I ventured into town last night for my last gig of 2012 to catch the Velveteen Saints at Broadcast. It was the third time I had seen them live in a matter of months and by far their most impressive performance to date. 

They had clearly (well from my eyes and ears) been spending considerable time rehearsing and watching a few classic rock'n'roll videos as they blasted through a 30-odd minute set of punk paced guitar pop.

They have already been likened to The Clash in numerous reviews and whilst I likened them to BRMC and the Marychain in previous blogs, it was Hamburg era Beatles, The Ramones and the glorious pop of The Monkees that came to mind last night.

Top marks to the bands mate who was DJ-ing as he blasted though a great mix of funk, soul and classics to get the crowd in the mood. The band came on an hour later than scheduled, so the extra alcohol consumed also helped.

The drummer took to he stage first and launched into a drum solo before the rest of the band came on and charged immediately into the opener 'Always Gonna Be'.

The Monkees reference earlier could be applied to the 3 frontmen - Martin (guitar), Sean (guitar - picture from another gig) and Thommo (bass) who all share a flat together, so they are tight on and off the stage.

Martin brings a raw edge in his look and vocals, whilst Sean is the poster boy frontman with a perfect quiff that he must have spent a good bit of time on. Thommo anchors things together and their 3 voices combine in a razor coated sugar manner, their on stage chemistry looks good - sharing a mic at times a-la Jagger and Richards or bumping into each other a-la Doherty and Barrat.

'Wake Me Up' is just glorious guitar pop that flows superbly well, a real stand out, but the band were confident enough to drop it only three songs into their set. I caught up with Thommo before the show and he said they were going into the studio to record 5 or 6 songs in the near future. If a couple of them are up to this standard then people will really begin to take notice.

Another song had a real Ramones style hook and 'Juliet' and 'Janey' were blasted through before 'Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead' closed things, another stand out and the song that brought them to my attention.

There was time for an encore of 'Red Wine' (not UB40) before people went into the cold night with a warm glow that only guitar pop can provide.


Fruitbatwalton said...

serious contenders to push The View aside.....looking forward to blogging them.....

Unknown said...

caught ur gig on sat, was blown away by the music and the show...londons calling!!