Sunday 9 December 2012

The Rolling Stones in 1972 - the perfect band?

I'm still pretty blown away by the fantastic Crossfire Hurricane documentary that aired on BBC3 a week or so ago. Having watched it a few times (with no uge to delete it from my Sky+ planner at all) it has got me thinking, were The Rolling Stones circa 1972 the perfect band, the definitive band?

The documentary is certainly evidence in support of that question. Jagger is just incredible, a ball of energy, twitching, strutting, dancing, teasing, pouting and singing with all his soul, the ultimate front man, you just can't take your eyes off him. The band just lock into grooves, each seemingly knowing where the rest are going, playing with a 'tight looseness' that other bands could only dream of finding. Richards is 'rock star' personified, the combined sound of Richards and Mick Taylor's guitars is like nothing before or since.

They look fantastic, both Jagger and Richards have haircuts of the coolest order. Jagger is in peak shape, toned and muscular. Charlie Watts looks like nothing could ever phase him, and in 1972 he must have seen some sights!

They just let rip, touring their exceptional 'Exile On Main Street' double album. They had an edge; though drugs, the volatile relationship between Jagger and Richards and just the sheer energy from their songs and performance.

Looks, songs, performance and the lifestyle, the Stones in 1972 had it all. Here are some highlights.

All down the line


Jumpin' Jack Flash

Brown Sugar

Gimme Shelter

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