Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Stone Roses - live at Warrington Parr Hall

OK I wasn't there, but the tingles of excitement I got yesterday from the announcement that the Stone Roses were playing a 'secret' gig at Warrington Parr Hall turned into rushes as I watched John Robb's twitter feed from the gig last night.

Rushes from a Twitter feed!!! What will it be like when I see them in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks time?!

This was the setlist; kicking off with 'Adored', followed by the pure pop of 'Mersey Paradice' and 'Sally Cinnamon' before the glorious 'Made of Stone' with that incredible chorus 'Sometimes I fantasise when the streets are cold and lonely'.

 They didn't let up, blasting through an hour of some of the most glorious guitar pop recorded, 'Where Angels Play', 'Shoot You Down' and 'Tightrope' (reinvented apparaently as a band rather than acoustic performance) were followed by an exceptional closing trilogy of 'Waterfall', 'She Bangs The Drums' and 'Love Spreads'.

So they didn't let up, but they held plenty in reserve; 'Fools Gold', 'This Is The One', 'I Am The Resurrection', 'Ten Storey Love Song' and 'One Love' to name a few.

I expect the Roses to tinker with their set through June until it is honed to perfection for the Heaton Park shows at the end of the month.

I haven't felt this excited about a band in a long time, reading the reviews this morning has left me glowing - Squire on fire, Mani and Reni locked in a groove (Reni with a double bass drum) and Ian Brown's singing on form and his commanding presence being felt throughout the crowd.

With Amsterdam, Heaton Park and T in the Park to look forward to, I cannot wait!

The Roses are a special band, one that unites people, sets styles, makes people talk in awe; the four of them gel in a way that others can only dream of.

The Roses are back...long live the Roses.

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