Tuesday 22 May 2012

So I had started the year quite well in terms of regular blog posts but a rather hectic 6 weeks or so through March and into April and then a lovely holiday in the South of France has meant that I have really not posted or blogged about a number of things that I have wanted to. So count on this as a round up of my albums of 2012 so far...I had originally intended to do reviews for all of them!

Expect my next installment to include; Admiral Fallow, Grimes, Miaoux Miaoux and Dexys.

2 Bears - Be Strong
Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and friends have produced an album that is practically a love letter to dance music and clubbing. Opener 'The Birds & The Bees' is perfect for a sunny day, 'Time In My Mind' sounds like something Mike Skinner may have mis-placed, 'Work'is heavier and progressive while 'Church' is suitably moving. A great album.

New Build - Yesterday was Lived and Lost
Felix and Simon from Hot Chip/LCD Soundsystem formed their own label and band to show that it isn't just Joe and Alexis from Hot Chip that have all the songwriting talent. Live they combine guitar pop with funk, soul and house...they are just as good on record.'Medication' is brilliant soulful guitar pop, 'Do You Not Feel Loved?' would fit effortlessly on to any Hot Chip record and 'Finding Reasons' is laid back bliss.

Lightships - Electric Cables
Lightships is Gerry Love from Teenage Fanclubs 'solo' project. A number of years in the making it has all the trademarks that Love has practically licensed during his years with Teenage Fanclub. Gorgeous vocals, stunning harmonies, blissful guitar, plenty of references to the sun, sunshine and city living....

Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls
Opening with the tremendous 'Hold On', Alabama Shakes set their stall from the word go - raw and soulful. An old school garage band. The guitars, production and vocals are all served raw and pure. Turn it up and blast it out. Brittany Howard has an astonishing voice, look out for producers and songwriters seeking her out for guest vocals.

Django Django - Django Django
Gaining increasing exposure from the best kind of advertising; word-of-mouth (not to mention some very clever strategic press), Django Django's debut album is gathering a great fanbase in time for festival season and future tours.

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