Thursday 9 February 2012

Vigo Thieves - Heartbeats video and free download

Vigo Thieves are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming 'Heart & Soul (Part I)' EP by releasing one of the tracks, 'Heartbeats', as a free download accompanied by a video.

The video features fans and friends of the band including; Brian Henderson (The Dykeenies), Leo Mayweather (White Vinyl Collective), Patricia Panther, Madaleine Pritchard, Davey Horne, Jamie Keenan (The LaFontaines) and Clare Kelly (Suspire).

'Heartbeats' starts with a melodic piano riff that Chris Martin from Coldplay may think about pinching if he hears it, over a rumblin bass with echoes of U2.

If the bass is reminiscent of U2, then the lyrics, vocals and melody are as heartfelt and soulful (as the EP title may hint at) as those of U2 and other stadium giants.

There are 'woah oh oh's' a-plenty and the use of simple imagery that just make it seem natural to sing along to and you find yourself getting sucked into the song.

(woah oh oah oh oh)
Love is the fire that's burning
And your heartbeats
(woah oh oah oh oh)
Together we stand, divided we fall
Start the fire
Let your heartbeat, let your heartbeat, yeah

Bono has never been afraid to take a common phrase and stick it in a song to make it stand out and with 'Heartbeats' the Vigo Thieves use the same trick to great effect; 'it's better to burn out rather than fade, the fortune favours the brave' in the first verse and the 'together we stand, divided we fall' hook.

I'll review the EP in a later blog, just enjoy this song for now. To coin a phrase used by another band with anthems, Vigo Thieves have 'Songs To Learn And Sing.'

Love is the fire that burns, feeding the truth, it keeps the world turning
If darkness begins again, we'll chase the sun

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