Saturday 11 February 2012

Have Some Face In Magic - Errors

I've never been particularly drawn to Errors before, their latest single 'Pleasure Palaces' probably changed quite a lot of misconceptions I had about the band.

At times I can form an opinion about a band without seeing them live or taking the time to check them out online - and lets face it, that is incredibly easy to do these days. I had always thought that Errors were maybe a little bit of a heavy band that I wouldn't enjoy.

So I bought the latest album, with the great title 'Have Some Face In Magic'. Here is my mini-review, a tweet for each song.

Prog rock riffs drive the song along, not my favourite song on the album if I am honest.

Magna Encarta
A pulsating beat is draped in layers of keyboard and synths before the beat changes and it flows on from there.

Blank Media
Gentle melodies and soothing warm guitar chords are layered with synth riffs. Lovely!

Pleasure Palaces
The single that even captured the attention of The Saturdays! Atmospheric and easy to get lost in the mood of this and taken on a journey. Beautifully produced. Sublime.

The Knock
This album changes pace from song to song. This one is like space age acid jazz at times. Kind of like Bowie era Low. A stand out.

Under 2-minutes long, a darker sister to The Knock.

Sinister church like chants over samba style beats before things kick on from there. Dare I mention prog rock again? Really develops after 2 minutes.

Cloud Chamber
Aptly named, dreamy track.

Barton Spring
Beautiful strings (or a synth/sample) create more lushious dream like sounds 

Holus Bolus
Dreamy is a word I'll need to use again. Trippy and bubbling synths come and go throughout, choir like vocals. Rather gorgeous.

And a quick summary
An album that will always have something to return to, growing on each listen and wanting me to see it created in a live environment. Quite dreamy at times, always atmospheric with loads to keep the listener captivated and wonder how it all came together at times.

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