Thursday 25 July 2019

Never Ending Mixtape Part 38

Welcome to the latest additions to my Never Ending Mixtape playlist on Spotify which now has well over 1,000 songs.

28 new songs are added and we have an eclectic mix of sixties beat, pure pop, euphoric electro, demos, pure indie and Scottish DIY pop.

I discovered the Odetta and Jennifer Castle songs via my sisters LP Radio Show and both are real ges. We have old school Beatles, a delicious 12-inch slice of Heaven 17, Whitney Houston sandwiched between Spiritualized and the Chemical Brothers who have a massive 6 songs added following their sensational Glastonbury show.

Elsewhere we have The Monkees, demos from Gomez and The Lemonheads, classic Fanclub, pure guitar pop from The Bevis Frond, early singles from Gerry Cinnamon who is on fire at present, a gem from Miaoux Miaoux, a recent discovery from Velocette and two tracks from Stephen Solo off what is almost certain to be my album of the year.

Dig in to the playlist from the start, at the end for these songs, anywhere in between or simply hit shuffle. I hope you find something you enjoy whether that is something you haven't heard for a while or a brand new discovery.

Search for Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape or see below. Scroll down for the latest additions.

Hit Or Miss - Odetta
Texas - Jennifer Castle
Things We Said Today - The Beatles
You Can't Do That - The Beatles
Let's Do It Again - The Staple Singers
Wings of Love - liv
Temptation (12-inch) - Heaven 17
Here It Comes - Spiritualized
How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
No Geography - Chemical Brothers
Swoon - Chemical Brothers
Star Guitar - Chemical Brothers
The Golden Path - The Chemical Brothers
Out of Control - The Chemical Brothers
The Private Psychedelic Reel - The Chemical Brothers
As We Go Along - The Monkees
Auntie's Municipal Court - The Monkees
Another Number - The Cribs
I Don't Want Control Of You - Teenage Fanclub
Someday (demo) - Gomez
Kampfire Vampire - Gerry Cinnamon
Fickle McSelfish - Gerry Cinnamon
Hannah and Gabi (demo) - The Lemonheads
Snow - Miaoux Miaoux
Lights Are Changing - The Bevis Frond
Get Yourself Together - Velocette
Suddenly Heaven - Stephen Solo
Reasons to Run - Stephen Solo

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