Monday, 23 July 2018

Lush by Snail Mail

The second of my micro blogs looking at my albums of 2018 to date.

Snail Mail is the alias band of 19-year old Lindsey Jordan and Lush is her brilliant debut album, released in June on Matador Records.

Lush captivated me immediately; reverb laden guitars, heart on sleeve lyrics and a gorgeous voice that is sometimes gloriously lost in the music and then sometimes pushed to the fore as everything drops. It is rough around the edges at times, but that is part of the charm - this is a young artist developing but promising a great deal. 

Speaking Terms is stunning, the way the groove comes in after Jordan spits I'll see you around is thrilling as Jordan goes on to promise I won't let you take me for a ride.

Pristine is urgent and confessional, coming across like a diary entry at times, a conversation at others.

It just feels like, the same party every weekend, doesn't it?

Heat Wave starts with a gorgeous guitar and Jordan confessing;

I'm so tired of moving on
Spending every weekend so far gone
Heat wave nothing to do
Woke up in my clothes having dreamt of you

Snail Mail comes to The Great Eastern, Glasgow's new music venue run by the great team at Synergy Concerts on Tuesday 23rd October.

Check the album from all the usual sources.

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