Friday, 1 December 2017

Dance Around The Fake Fir Tree

Mark W Georgsson has bookended my year musically, releasing his beautiful debut album Faces and Places back in January, playing a memorable cosy Celtic Connections show in the basement of The Hug and Pint to launch in style. Check my blog on the album HERE 

And now in December he releases a funky, glam, soulful pop Spector-esque Christmas single in the shape of Dance (Around The Fake Fir Tree).

The flowing chorus is Springsteen-esque, backed by soaring strings, sleigh bells, church bells and stomping beats. The way it is repeated at the end brings a sense of euphoria to the song. Epic.

At the start it's quite Marc Bolan/Jesus and Mary Chain, funky and poppy, fun and frisky and then leading into that sky scraping chorus.

So take my hand
And let's go dance
Around the bare fir tree
I wanna hold you tight
Every Christmas night
Like we were young and care free

The post second chorus breakdown and subsequent build up is a little spine tingling and then Georgsson and friends let rip with the chorus again and again.

Recorded in Iceland, where the beautiful artwork was photographed, this is a gem.

Mark W Georgsson and friends play a Christmas show at The Hug and Pint on Dec 8th.

The digital single is out today, available on iTunes, Spotify and all the usual outlets. Check the lyric video below.

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Unknown said...

A mix of 60's garage rock and Springsteen pomp. That and the Christmassy theme will ensure it sells by the pallet load. Or not.