Wednesday 21 January 2015

Miss You by Velveteen Saints

Miss You is the latest song to be released by Velveteen Saints, one of my current favourite bands on the Glasgow/Scottish unsigned/DIY scene.

Velveteen Saints stand out for me for a number of reasons; they are 4 young lads with guitars and attitude who have excellent taste in music (embracing The Clash and The Marychain for starters) and they look they are having the time of their lives when they play live on stage. They can fly through guitar punk pop tunes crammed with melodies, hooks and a raw edge in well under 3-minutes.

That raw edge is what makes them stand out. They are not over produced, they are one of the few 'guitar' bands that are not using synths or keyboards. The electric guitars are to the fore.

Miss You is just over 150 seconds of beautiful thrashy guitar punk pop. Steaming in from the opening riff and snarls, hitting the chorus at just under 30-seconds. They pack a lot in, even managing a guitar solo/instrumental before hammering home the chorus.

Oh my love I still miss you
And oh my love I still care for you
And oh my love I can't go on
Feeling, as I do

The band are keen to build momentum following early promise that led to supports with The Charlatans and a European tour with The View who are real champions of the band. Miss You is released as a download only single via iTunes and follows on from Postcards from Rome, their official debut single available on very limited 7-inch vinyl via local label Dead Beet Records.

The band play Broadcast on Thursday 29th January as part of Independent Venue Week.

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