Thursday 7 March 2013

Casual Sex - Stroh 80

I'm a big fan of the label Moshi Moshi; their taste in music is rather good, always discovering little gems  and providing a stepping stone for a number of artists who have gone on to bigger things; Bloc Party, Florence and Hot Chip to name a few.

One of their forthcoming releases is from a Glasgow band, the brilliantly named Casual Sex. I imagine that this blog may get a lot of hits!

Released on limited edition 7-inch vinyl via the Moshi Singles Club on 1st April, 'Stroh 80' is a fuzzy electro/acoustic groove with slices of glam guitar thrown in for good measure.

The production is rather beautiful, the lyrics full of humour and the delivery coming on like a cross between Alex Kapranos and Kevin Rowland with a dash of Bowie.

Dream, I dream til you leave
Cause you, you poison my sleep

The band launch the single with a show at Nice'n'Sleazys on Friday 5th April.

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