Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Shivers - Beauty

The lovely Lloyd who runs one of the best Scottish blogs under the guise of Peenko is putting on a show at Mono next Monday headlined by the American band The Shivers. Support comes from the excellent Randolph's Leap.

I like Mono, I like Lloyd, I like Randolph's Leap....so I decided to check out The Shivers who have all of their new album up on their Soundcloud page.

I've yet to digest the album, but the comments at the bottom of the set directed me to a song called 'Beauty' off their debut album 'Charades'. So I decided to check it out and I am glad I did.

The lyrics are below. They are poetic, beautiful, heartfelt and they flow easily.

The production is basic, the music is subtle, sounding live and raw. The vocals are rightly to the fore, as they should be on such a beautiful song. The singers voice is aching, harmonies come in at the end.

This is quite stunning. Exquisite. See you at Mono next Monday if you are going. 

i live off love
i feed off love
i breathe off love
i think of love
i drink of love
i sink in love
and in the middle of the night i need my love
i need to grieve and need to need and be in love
my love is gonna come to me

i feast on love, a beast for love, release my love
you're scared and unprepared for love, don't care my love
cause youre the only woman i've been dreaming of
i swear to god i'm loving you for that
i swear to god i'm making you my wife

and if you ever leave me
i never will be sore
i'll love you 'til you're lonely
then i'll love you some more just before

beauty beauty beauty, there's nobody near me,
there never was
beauty beauty beauty, there's nobody near me,
there never was.

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