Friday 23 April 2010

Miaoux Miaoux, 13th Note, Glasgow

Glasgow Podcart Session, 22nd April 2010

There is nothing like discovering new music that inspires and makes you smile. In March I saw a poster advertising a gig by an act called Miaoux Miaoux and I immediately thought that was a cool band name, checked them out on MySpace and bought the EP 'Blooms' off his bandcamp page. I also discovered that Miaoux Miaoux had released an album entitled 'Rainbow Bubbles' 2-years ago, before moving down south the very next day and then returning back to Glasgow last year.

The album and EP are excellent examples of creative electronica, at times with an electro edge, others with a twinge of pop, always with sprinkling of melodies to bring a smile to your face. So  I was quite excited about going to see Miaoux Miaoux live at the 13th Note as part of a Glasgow Podcart Session.

Dead Boy Robotics were on first. Two guys, a number of keyboards, synths and laptops, 3 mics, bass, guitar and each with a drum that they occassionally pounded. They were a curious couple, the guy on the left seemed quite 'EMO' (without wanting to put a label on him) with shrieks and screams, while the guy on the left seemed more intent on finding melody and harmony. At times it worked and their second last song flowed into a lovely electronic instrumental, with the guy on the right conjuring up a gorgeous gentle vocal melody. At other times they were lacking a chorus or tune. The drums at the front of the stage seemed more for visual effect, rather than actually serving a musical purpose, with the same beats played several times over a few songs. To end on a positive note they are still a relatively young band and they are not lacking in ideas. From my own personal point of view I'd be curious to see what the guy on the right could do solo, but that is purely in relation to my own taste.

And so on to Miaoux Miaoux, essentially Julian Corrie. Taking to the stage (actually the floor) armed with a guitar, a few pedals, synth and a couple of interesting looking things that provided beats and samples, Miaoux Miaoux had the crowd smiling before he played a note when he realised that a battery had gone flat on his effects pedal. With help from Dead Boy Robotics he was soon creating an elctronic landscape in front of our very eyes and to the pleasure of our ears.

The first song in was the instrumental 'The Colours of Glass' and the melodies, beats and feeling from the song set heads nodding and feet tapping. The size of the crowd (only around 30) and the relaxed environment created by the Podcart team meant that there was no dancing, however I can imagine a packed club dancing away to this tune and others. 'Rainbow Bubbles' was an instrumental album, yet the 3-tracks on the 'Blooms' EP indicate that Miaoux Miaoux is indeed blossoming (pardon the pun) with vocals and a poppier edge (particularly on 'Snow' that features New Order-esque guitar).

'Pixellated' off the album feels it's way, layers are added throughout the song to create something quite special, 'Dream On' continues in a similar vein, while the aforementioned 'Snow' builds from a guitar riff that Bernard Sumner would be proud of into an epic song with the refrain/chorus 'I don't wanna be my own best friend, I don't wanna be my own best friend'.

On stage (the floor) it all looks so easy but the talent and vision required to layer melodies on melodies, change beats and introduce soaring moments that lift you higher in such a natural fashion is immense. Mylo sprung to mind a couple of times during the set, but I don't want to make lazy comparisons.

With another couple of songs from 'Rainbow Bubbles' and a free track 'Hrvatski' (available from ) it's all over too soon and I'm already looking forward to the next time, just like an early romance, when one date ends you look forward to the next one.

For the record, Miaoux Miaoux will be playing Heavylight Darkbright at Captains Rest on May 8th where there may well be some dancing. And more romancing…

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