Sunday, 30 March 2014

Vigo Thieves at the ABC Glasgow

Last night Vigo Thieves, an unsigned band, played the O2ABC in Glasgow. They packed it out, they smashed it, they didn't just tear up the rule book; they didn't even pick it up, they just wrote their own.

For a band with 2 self-released EP's and a single to their name to sell almost 1,000 tickets for a 1,200 capacity venue is incredible. The reaction they received was even better.

Belief, drive, anthems and interaction with fans have generated a word of mouth buzz that led to last nights show. Two years ago they released the 'Heart & Soul Pt I' EP with lead single 'Heartbeats' and they sold out Nice'n'Sleazys down the road from the ABC. One year ago they became the first unsigned band to sell out 2-nights at the legendary King Tut's Wah Wah Hut and they followed that up by selling out the Arches.

Vigo Thieves are building an increasingly passionate following; the terrace style chants of 'Viiiigggooooo' that greeted their arrival on stage last night was proof.

The band came on stage to 'Wide Awake' from their debut EP, bursting into action with 'Steal Your Heart', the stirring circular guitar riff flowed superbly and singer Stevie Jukes was backed by the crowd as he sang the hooks and the chorus.

Stay young in your heart
And young in your mind

'Blood Red' followed at a furious pace with Stevie striding to the front of the stage at the end to urge the crowd on.

'Believe' sounded huge. Vigo Thieves write songs for occasions like last night - great venue, good sound system and a crowd demanding to be entertained. Arms were aloft, some went on their mates shoulders and the band turned in a performance that left no-one in any doubt that they believed.

The band - Gordon Phipps on bass with a smile as wide as the Clyde, his hair bouncing around as he jumped along with the fans, Barry Cowan generating beautiful guitar riffs that sounded epic, Chris Gorman on keys, synths and stunning back vocals that add so much to their cannon of epic anthems, Alan Jukes on drums - pounding his drums like he wanted to destroy them, Stevie Jukes on rhythm guitar and vocals - leading and conducting the songs and crowd.

Stevie and Chris did a short piano version of 'Heartbeats' that got the crowd singing - band and fans as one. A special moment.

'Won't You Be Mine' one of the bands very first songs received a rare outing to the delight of some of the fans who have been there from the beginning, before 'Steal Your Heart Pt II' brought a tear to my eye - sounding bigger, better and bolder than ever before.

You're looking for the love to heal the pain from all the scars
So live for the moment and you'll shine like the stars

'She's On Fire' was a cross between Simple Minds and U2 before the band embarked on a closing segment that just blew people away.

'Forever' is probably my favourite Vigo Thieves song when they play live. It tugs on my heart-strings and it is so cleverly constructed that when the second chorus kicks in the song just soars.

Let's live forever, together we can stay young

'This Love' was utterly amazing. Chiming piano, pounding drums and a flowing melody before the chorus is literally rammed down your throat - backed up by pyrotechnics that just added to the ever increasing evidence that Vigo Thieves are an arena band.

How many bands do you go and see and you can't remember a chorus the next day? No chance of that with Vigo Thieves! The sing-a-long hooks, choruses and chants will be in your head after one trip to see them.

The band departed only for Chris Gorman on keys and the guest sax player to come on to start a slowed down version of 'Ghosts' before the rest of the Vigo's returned to blast into the full version. Beach balls dropped from the roof and everyone quite literally had a ball.

'Heartbeats' was always going to end the set and it did so in a glorious euphoric manner. Stevie Jukes sang like his life depended on it, arms were raised, confetti rained down on everyone and everyone was smiling, dancing and singing a-long.

Stevie jumped in the crowd and was carried almost to the back of the venue and then returned to the stage just in time to thank everyone.

Thanks to Vigo Thieves - writing songs with heart and soul to be sung by the masses. Quite why a record company haven't snapped this band up is beyond me.

Love is the fire that's burning

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